Indonesia (Part 2)

The very next day, we had a tour driver who brought us around in Bandung. IMG_5136What a very bright early morning! IMG_5118The lake is so beautiful and clear BUT the smell is …… like………. IMG_8149OMG! A strong smell of sulfur. It made me cough. -_-
Kawah Putih is the another name for ‘White Crafter’. If the birds fly above that lake, they will die due to high concentration of sulfur. No wonder i see no birds lah. IMG_5152Mini cute van brought us to and fro.
After which, the driver brought us to visit Tea Plantation.IMG_5170 Our first time seeing this soooo greeeeeeny. IMG_5175Our driver takes photo not bad leh. Nice hor the picture?! Especially the scenery. *blush*
His service and friendliness also quite good. Want him serve you, just beep me. IMG_5180TA-DA!! Our driver. Handsome or not? LOL! IMG_5208makan
Our lunch. All these dishes recommended by our driver. The portions all so small one leh… In the end, satisfied lah. Not so full, not so hungry lor. Their avocado drink not bad leh.
What’s next? IMG_5252Strawberry farm. Btw, that farm is not so big.IMG_5267Though i don’t really like to eat strawberry, just pluck for fun. =p IMG_8175They charge us by the weight of strawberry and then we can bring back home. I plucked quite alot bcos my siblings love it. Unfortunately, the next 2 days, most of them were rotten. -___- Perhaps, we did not wrap or close the box properly. Perhaps… perharps…. I had no idea man. Sianz…

Anyway anyway…. Seafood lovers get a chance to eat seafood at cheap price. Woohoo!!page1The food was really marvelous and we really enjoyed it. Again, recommended by our driver. (^_^)IMG_5295Signing off……….. Goodnight! Zzz….

If you miss out:
Part 1

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My very first time in my life, I’m having eye infection since last week. =( IMG_1609Damn ugly right? FML.

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Indonesia (Part 1)

Visited Indonesia on last April this year. =p
(Siao leh, so long ago then now blog?)
(Hello? I happy mah.. I free now mah.. Can or not?) =p 

IMG_8023Hi Bandung!

This woman stupid leh… When we first reached airport, first thing was to get a sim card. The shop lady said 9,000 rupiah and this idiot woman go and give 90,000 rupiah. -__- The shop lady and me myself were like Huh? In the end, we laughed. She thought 1000 note is 10,000 note. Stupid right? LOL. Thankfully, the shop lady was honest and just took 1 note of 10,000 rupiah. Yes, it was so confusing when come to count money at first. Cos there are so MANY ZEROs! @_@


First meal in Bandung and Karyin said it was popular so i gave it a try. Nothing to wow. =XIMG_8044
Wah seh… Their durian ice cream so shiok leh…

Walked walked around and explored at factory outlets. I thought nothing to buy leh… but it is!!IMG_5042Ta-da! Yes, back to Ivory By Ayola Hotel.
Bought only snacks lah. And my clutch bag only. 😉

IMG_8051Clutch bag cute right? I know. =p
May I win a lot of money during gambling! =p *power*

pageUp up the hill to Kampong Daun

The scenery is really fantastic. Nice air. Cold weather. BUT alot of mosquitoes. -_- My expectation of food is high, must have the WOW feeling.page1Unfortunately, it’s not. Just so-so. Only the chicken is quite nice but small portion leh. =(
After which, jialet. There’s no cab around. The staff there helped us call the cab and we needed to wait quite long seh.
Before makan, we told the driver whether can wait for us to finish our dinner and he agreed. In the end, we found him no elsewhere. -_- Perhaps there are some miscommunication barrier.

Alright, i got to go and rest my backside. Wait for my Part 2. =p


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Super freeeeee

This whole week, i have been resting and slacking at home man! Seriously, what a good break for me! (^_^)IMG_4725

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I know i’m late. >_< 


Proud to be a Singaporean!

Managed to go for 50th NDP! So lucky seh.. =D Thanks to my bro’s lucky charm for being able to get 6 tickets for my family!

IMG_3052Go Singapore!IMG_3071Spot the 50!

IMG_3058Sweet and thoughtful brother made this sandwiches for our dinner. ❤

Took a short video and yes, NDP was soo awesome!

The feeling was so much much better than watching on TV.IMG_3112

Thank you NDP 2015!

ActiveSG provided 50 sports for free from 7-10 Aug. So why not try them out? ^_^pageWe tried Bokwa, Zumba and Aqua Aerobics. But hor, i did not do zumba as i went out to find red shirt for my little Rachel for her performance the next day.My very first time to do these 2 sports. Fun but tiring.

FullSizeRender_2Meeting new friends.

IMG_3472Was so looking forward to standup paddling. Unfortunately, raining seh….=( My main purpose of coming down lor. Damn sad.

Super hungry after exercising the whole afternoon.



Yes, ZOO! Just to see kolas! =p IMG_3573-horzIMG_3582Soooo CUTE of kolas and……… ME! Hee… *blush*

We had our potluck!

IMG_3598-vert These 2 boys are damn crazy over lego. -_-page Okay, honestly, these lego are cute.

IMG_3588Orang Utans act.

Our friend lives there and so, purposely took photo and sent to our orang utan friend. =p

IMG_3641Spot the Panda!
Shit! Forgot which one is Kai Kai & Jia Jia. -__-

IMG_3633Yes, i touched a Panda. =D
(okay, a white lie.)

Not only Zoo, we went to River Safari too.. since our-full-of-rubbish-friend, Eugene, had not been there before. IMG_3647I have been there a few times but never sit on a boat before. That was my chance!

IMG_3655Like finally… (^_^)

One of my favourite place is……..

f-vert TA-DA!!!
IMG_3623-vertLove to see all those sea creatures. ❤
How i wish to live with them. =p

09.08.2015 IMG_3755Early in the morning at 7.30am, just to support my little princess. She did super great in her performance. =D Proud of her. *thumbs up* IMG_3832Went to Danny’s home to have party celebration for our Singapore!! IMG_3846Eastie people had our supper after that. =p
Mr James Tan, thanks for the ride. But u better thanks us for the treat. LOL! =p

IMG_3855Ending with my last photo of Red & White!

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As busy as a bee

For the past few weeks ago, it’s been crazy and busy! Zzz….
Working part time, giving tuition, meetings, planning event, eating, sleeping
and the cycle is repeating..IMG_8169 - CopyHopefully next week, will be more relaxing for me.

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